Where to Shop in Singapore: Best Places for all your Shopping Needs


Shopping is an obvious element of traveling, where a trip is incomplete unless you have walked around the many markets in the place. Maybe because shopping is also an experience in itself, which allows you to enter into an everyday element of the locals’ life – buying the things they buy for yourself, and taking some parts of that place back home with you as a memory.

There are a ton of fun things to do in Singapore such as visiting Disneyland of Singapore and Universal Studios (book your ticket online here to save time). However, if you’re a shopping addict, Singapore will not disappoint you for sure – from big brands to street corners, from souvenirs to vintage items, you’ll find everything here. As you may know, Singapore showcases multi-cultures, which is why not only will you find everything here, but also something from every culture – their way of dressing, the items of use, decor options, souvenirs, and many other items.

The shopping options in Singapore are endless – from Malls, Shopping streets, to Independent Boutique stores, there is a plethora of each of them. Which is why I’ve listed below the best Malls, Street Shops and Boutique Stores listing what is it that you can get there and what makes it unique.


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1. Malls in Singapore – for all the luxury shopping 

– The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

A luxury shopping mall that is not found on Orchard Street. The Shoppes is where you’ll find many international as well as emerging brands. Gucci, Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, are a few of the many labels that you’ll find here, allowing you to immerse yourself into a luxurious shopping experience.

Once you’re done shopping here, you can also indulge in some extremely fine dining, as they have an entire floor filled with celebrity chef restaurants. So, if you want to spend a lot of money, and pamper yourself, The Shoppes is your place to be.


– PARAGON Shopping Centre

Situated on the very popular Orchard Street, Paragon is another fine luxury mall in Singapore with around 200 stores spread over six levels. It is known for housing brands like Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Gucci. The store also became popular when the Spanish brand Loewe opened its first-ever concept store in this mall. 

They also host a lot of interesting events like Live Music Sessions, Craft sessions and Screenings, which also makes Paragon an interesting place to spend the evening.

– The Shopping Gallery at Hilton

Known for its premier fashion labels, The Shopping Gallery at Hilton Singapore is perfect for those who want to shop the finest of luxurious clothes, some of which head straight here after their showcase on the ramp. Which means this is where you’d find the latest collection of premier brands. You can also get some of the finest European watches and jewelry as well.

From German Label Jil Sander to Giorgio Armani’s collection, visiting Hilton Shopping Gallery is for those who want to shop luxury fashion. 

– Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery is situated in the fashion belt of Singapore on Orchard Street, with many other malls, but what sets it apart is that if you want to spend your shopping time only at one place, then this is your place to be, because at Mandarin Gallery, not only would you find the renowned luxury brands, but also independent collectives, where you can shop independent artists’ unique and eclectic work.

From home decor, lifestyle stores, fashion labels, to accessories, you’d find the best of labels for all. Some of the popular brands at the Mandarin Gallery are – Victoria’s Secret, Actus Hause, Boss, and Bimba Y Lola.

There’s not only shopping at Mandarin Gallery, but you’ll also find dine-in options, salon and spa, and a jamming studio – making it a perfect one-stop destination to shop, eat and relax. 


– ION Orchard Mall

ION Orchard will instantly attract your attention at the Orchard Street Junction with its glittery outlook during the day, and magnificent shades of light during the evenings.

With stores spread across eight floors, ION Orchard is another luxury shopping mall, which is known for its shopping experience. From Luxury Fashion, Jewellery and Watches, to Sports and Lifestyle, at ION Orchard there are over 300 retail stores. Apart from the stores, shoppers also get to enjoy the many F&B and entertainment stores that are housed in the Mall.

Some of the renowned brands at ION Orchard are Dior, Armani Exchange, Estee Lauder, and Bottega Veneta, among many other fine brands.

Apart from shopping, ION Orchard actively organizes many events and promotions where something interesting is always happening. So make sure you stay updated with their on-going events and promotions whenever you visit Singapore.


2. Street Shopping and Unique Markets in Singapore for an immersive experience 

– Haji Lane

This Arab Quarter in Singapore has a colorful lane filled with many street-style vendors and boutique stores, which gives this lane a very cozy, colorful and bohemian vibe.

You’d find some of the most unique items here and it can be a great place to fulfill a shopping spree. Not only for shopping but at Haji Lane you’d also find some great artworks as graffiti on walls, and cute cafes and eating joints.

– China Town

China Town is known for its Hawker centres, but that’s not it. It is also a prime location to immerse in some street shopping and even get the best bargains. Here, you will find some great spices, souvenirs, and colorful items you can take home. Make sure you look out for Satin Chinese style robes, for a perfect souvenir or item of use from Singapore. 

The market is very colorful and lit and is always filled with people. Once you’re done shopping, you can always hog into some food stall delicacies to end your shopping spree. 


– Katong Square Lifestyle and Vintage Market

Unlike other markets in Singapore, this one is for those who love all things vintage. The Katong Square Lifestyle and Vintage Market is where you will find vintage watches, retro vinyls, bags, jackets among other antiques and vintage goods. 

Not only for shopping, but visiting the Vintage Market is an experience in itself, where you’d see musicians and artists grooving, and playing around while you continue with your shopping.

The Market opens up multiple times in a year, and you can follow Vintage flea Market by the Retro Factory on Facebook to stay updated about a pop-up happening when you’re in Singapore.

– Bugis Street 

Another street-side gem for shopaholics, is Bugis Street which is a paradise for fashion lovers, where there are over 600 stores and street vendors, and you’d find a vast variety of products here in all colors, styles and sizes.

It’s also amazingly pocket-friendly where you can get yourself a casual, everyday outfit for under 10 dollars. You can also look for some great accessories and watches here, as there are a plethora of such products in Bugis Street.

– Singapore Really Really Free Market

Yes, you read that right! A very unique concept, Singapore Really Really Free Market, is absolutely free and is for those where everything is free and nothing is free. It’s kind of like a community, and is based on the concept of alternate gifting economy, and goes beyond the concept of capitalism.

It’s a place where you’d find people giving away clothes, or other items, all for free. You must visit this market, for a unique concept and experience and to see how a market operates without the exchange of money.

The market takes place multiple times in a year, and you can follow them on Facebook to stay updated on the next date of the market.

3. Independent Boutiques in Singapore – to shop exclusive designs and concepts

– Kapok Store at National Design Centre

Originally found in 2006 in Hong Kong, Kapok is a fashion and lifestyle store which showcases different products that are sourced internationally. It brings unique, creative and quality products from different parts of the world specially curated for their store.

There are two Kapok stores in Singapore, but I suggest you go to the one at the National Design Centre (NDC), as it is a huge store which has the best collection.

It’s perfect for those who are fashion savvy as here you will find great clothes from some of the best designers like Saint James, Postalco, Commune de Paris, etc.

– Supermama Store

Supermama is a perfect independent gallery store for travelers, as this is where you’d find quirky and beautiful souvenirs, something you may not only gaze at but also something you can take along.

A very interesting thing about Supermama is that it is not another souvenir shop, rather a place where every souvenir holds a meaning. They work with designers and craft facilities to create authentic souvenir products.

From cute cushions to trays with Singapore’s Map, to artistic tea towels – you must visit the Supermama store for all your souvenir shopping, especially if you have a long list of friends who are expecting souvenirs from your trip to Singapore.

To have a look at their collection, you can visit their website here.

– For The Common Goods

One of our favorites in the list, For The Common Goods, literally lives up to its name and is a sustainable furniture store in Singapore.

At their store, you’d also find many products which are a result of unique collaborations, to showcase craftsmanship, and create sustainable products. You may not be able to buy furniture items, but you can get yourself tea towels, and throws, and otherwise also, visiting the store is a delight in itself due to its aesthetic sensibility.

Their store is only open on weekends, and you can visit only with prior appointments, so make sure to book yourself an appointment before you visit them.

– Niasse Store

Niasse started off as an online retail store, which after great reception from people turned into a huge store, which showcases over 15,000 unique products. It’s a massive store, with all things small, quirky and great.

From t-shirts, souvenirs, gifts for kids, craft items, there is nothing that you wouldn’t find here. Basically, it’s a place for all age-groups, no matter what you’re looking for. You’ll be amazed by their huge collection, so make sure you drop in at Niasse to fulfill all your shopping cravings.

There are many Niasse stores in Singapore due to its popularity, but I suggest you visit their flagship store as it is the biggest one and has a huge collection. 


– The General Co Singapore

The General Co in Singapore is where you’d find some unique leather products which showcase a sense of unique craftsmanship and exclusive effort which goes into designing their products. From leather journals to gin bags and canvas totes, they have a very unique range of products.

Apart from their goods, they also offer customization services, where you can get a product specially customized for you depending upon your needs and preferences, be it an additional pocket, or even your initials embossed on a product.

You can visit them on King George Ave, and even participate in some craftsmanship yourself to awaken your hidden artist.

There are many shopping lanes, shops, markets and hidden corners in Singapore, where you can find unique picks, and even be surprised at their prices. So make sure you put these markets on your to-do list whenever you’re in Singapore! Shopping in Singapore is a must!


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