Top Islands in the French Polynesia


The French Polynesia has some of the best and most beautiful islands in the world. Some have been explored while others remain unknown to the world.
This article will discuss the top five islands in the French Polynesia from where you can have a foundation for further exploration.

Top 5 Islands in the French Polynesia:



Huahine is gorgeous and a great place to visit as a tourist. Actually, Huahine has to be in your must-visit places across the world. It consists of many bays that are bordered by mountains and that is a scenic view that you should not miss out on. There are many sacred temples that have preserved the island’s cultural history while cheerful blooms and plush landscape is what welcomes your eyes to the island. Some of the crops growing at this island in large-scale include watermelons, bananas, vanilla and coconuts. This is an outstandingly green island and will leave you with fond memories of your vacation.  

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is among the top tourist attractions in the world today. Countless numbers of visitors tours the island every year which has openly put it on the global map. The high influx of tourists to the island has made it expensive but that has never deterred enthusiastic visitors who are keen on exploring its beauty. The basaltic gravestone sitting over the lagoon is a key attraction on the island and not even the subsequent developments have downgraded its attractive nature.  


Tikehau is one of the islands where locals are very friendly to visitors and the warm welcome will always encourage you to go and visit. They are always willing to open up their world to you such that exploring their cultural activities is easy. Fishing is the common recreational activity at this island which also acts as a source of the islander’s livelihood. Fish parks are usually shared between families with parrotfish the most common species at Tikehau. At the lagoon, you can enjoy boating, diving and snorkeling which are good ways to explore the place.



There is no reason why you should not visit Moorea once. It is easily accessible from Pape’ete which opens it up to many tourists coming from the western world. This island has for many years been regarded as the best destination for honeymoons owing to its spectacular scenery that couples enjoy. You can find affordable hotels and waterfalls are one of the most notable attractions. They are spread out evenly and have good hiking routes.  


Maupiti is largely made of coral and came into existence through volcanic activity. Such volcanic activity is very rare to happen thus making this a one in a million case. It is not a surprise that tourists come from all over the world just to witness the results of the volcanic eruption.
The population of this island is very low, amounting to a few thousand people, while production of noni is the key commercial activity that takes place here. Its mountain peak of about 380 meters is a major attraction for tourists while its surface covers an area of approximately 11 square kilometers. Visiting the lagoon will be another source of fun at the island as you will get to see flat coral.
The French Polynesia will be your all-time favorite tourist destination when keen on enjoying the best islands ever. These are just a few and you will get to learn about many more once you do your exploration work extensively.
These islands offer all that you would ever want!

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