How to Get from the Train Station to Venice City Center


If you want to visit Venice and you prefer train as a mean of transportation, then you should know that there are two stations you can stop at: Santa Lucia and Mestre.

In case you do not plan to stay for a few days in Venice and you want to visit only the center of the town, then it is advisable to stop at Santa Lucia, because it is closer to your destination. The first station is Mestre, so if you want to get to Santa Lucia it is advisable to ask if the train you take has final station Santa Lucia or you have to stop at Mestre and take another train to get there. If this is the first time you visit Venice, then you should check the timetable of the train, because it will help you know when you should get off at the station.

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If the train you take has final destination Santa Lucia, then you have no chance to miss the station because this is the dead end station. You will be impressed by the look of the building which is painted in white and it features the logo of the Italian State Railways on its façade. It is a new building in town, considering that fact that the majority of buildings in Venice are hundreds of years old. When you get inside the station you might be surprised to see that there is a piano. Passersby and passengers use to take photos with it, so you should not miss the opportunity. You have three options to get from the train station to the city center, here is everything you need to know about them.


What a vaporetto trip implies

Vaporetto is the term used by Italians to refer to their public water buses. When you get off the train at the station you will notice that it opens onto a flight of steps facing the Grand Canal. Straight ahead you will see the vaporetto docks and the tickets kiosk, so make sure you buy one before you get into the water bus. Because you want to get to the center you should take a vaporetto from line 2, because it is fastest than line 1 and it stops at some of the most important attractions of the city. You will find maps displayed at the railway station that provide information on the main stops of the different routes.

When arriving at the docks you will see signs that will tell you what the number of the water bus is and which direction it goes. Line 2 runs every 10 minutes during the high season, but if you get to Venice off-season then it is advisable to ask the ticket provider the timetable to know exactly how long you are going to wait. You will have to pay 7, 50 euro for a one-person ticket with a single luggage. In case you have extra luggage you will have to pay extra 6 euro.

From the moment you validate the ticket you can use it for 60 minutes in one direction. If you plan to stay more in Venice, then you should buy an unlimited pass ticket, which can be used for 1 or 3 days, according to your preferences. For these passes you will pay from 20 to 40 euro, but in case you are between 14 and 29 years you will get the passes at 20 euro.

Make sure to buy the ticket because if you do not have it you can risk a fine around 40 euro. The tickets are available at the conductor of the boat, at main stops and at tourist information offices. You will spend around 45 minutes in the vaporetto in order to arrive at the Venice center, including the times when you will have to walk to the vaporetto and from it.


Take a walk to the Venice Centre

Venice is a great place to explore on foot, so if you have no reasons to rush and you have no issues if you get lost a little, then this may be the best option. You should not spend more than 40 minutes if you walk from Santa Lucia station to Venice Centre. You will find signs along the way so you should not have any difficulty in finding your destination.

Also, you can use an online app to show you on a map what direction you should go. If this is the first time when you visit Venice then you may consider its streets a windy maze, so it is advisable to get some help. One solution is to ask a local guide you, because people are willing to walk together with tourists and show them the way. There are online platforms that offer you the possibility to ask a local to help you with getting from the train station to Venice, whether you are walking or going by vaporetto or taxi. And along the way, the locals can also help you get to know the city with very local insights about what to see, where to eat, and points of interests for tourists in Venice.


Experience the luxury of Venice in a water taxi

Water taxis are compared with limousines, because this is a luxury option for arriving to their destination. If you are booking accommodation in the center of the city then a taxi will take you to the door of the hotel. These water vehicles navigate the canals of Venice and take you to your destination.

You will not have to wait for the vaporetto to stop in every station, you will get to the center in no more than 20 minutes. If you have luggage then this is a preferred option, because you will not have to struggle to carry your bags. If you would choose to walk, you will have to make a great effort to cross them over the bridges. And as stated before if you would take a vaporetto you would have to pay an extra fee if you have more than one bag.

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