10 Top Bars in Budapest


Budapest is infact a mecca for party goers and offers some of the best party venues in Europe. Youngsters from all over Europe are known to fly in and out of Budapest over the weekend for parties.

There is something for everyone!

You can find typical night clubs catering the youth, whereas ruin bars attracts locals and tourists alike. It is an ideal place for epic pub crawls where you visit 4-5 bars, clubs or pubs in a single night, trying variety of drinks. The trend of ruin pubs originated here where old unused buildings have been converted into kitsch bars and clubs.

Danube in the heart of Budapest provides an opportunities to party on a moving boat, where you can soak in the beauty of the city over classic wines and meals.

Budapest is also popular for magic bath parties where famous bathhouses are converted into pool party venues during the summer.


Let your hair loose in this party capital, it is time to have some fun!

Szimpla Kert- Most famous ruin bar

Szimpla Kert is simply the best ruin bar in Budapest. The trend of ruin bar infact started with Szimpla Kert. Ruin bars are called so as they are nestled in the ruins of buildings abandoned  after world war II. The characteristic of Szimpla Kert is an alternate usages of large variety of random items which does not match with anything else. It is a must visit on a trip to Budapest. Szimpla Kert  is a buzzing place, it attracts foreigners and locals equally. The fun is to go around the place and explore every corner. You will not be able to stop looking around at the quirk and misfits of the objects. Even the drinks come with quirky names. Szimpla Kert features on the top on any pub crawl evening. Chances are that you will  hear more English than Hungarian!


Instant – Most famous ruin club

Instant is another star in the Ruin bar phenomenon in Budapest. Transformed from an abandoned residential building, Instant is more of a kitsch club. The 23 rooms of the building are converted into funky bars, dance floors and DJ cabins There are total 4 floors, with each enticing you into a different genre of  music. The place is decorated with mix of weird objects like a flying owl and pigs and other quirky items. Though a bit on an expensive side, Instant is a highlight of the alternative nightlife scene in Budapest. With upbeat music and eclectic vibe, It is one of the favorites for locals. Instant also has rooms with game consoles, pinball and football tables. Choose your favorite music and let your hair loose till wee hours in the morning  in the cult club of Budapest!


Gozsdu Udvar- Courtyard entertainment

Gozsdu Udvar is a courtyard passage between two important streets of Kiraly utca and Dob utca. Gozsdu Udvar within its walls contain multiple restaurants, bars and ruin pubs lined on both sides of the passage. The central courtyard is open for all. You can buy a drink from any of the bars and hang out in the courtyard which has an open air festive atmosphere. One can choose from Italian, Hungarian, Jewish, Spanish or French restaurants offering variety of dishes for all the pockets. Gozsdu Udvar gets pretty crowded over weekends with trinket sellers, live music bands and party goers Crowding in its courtyard. It is a perfect place to spend few hours experimenting diverse cuisine over Hungarian beers. This is a party center of Budapest where you will find lot of youngsters hanging out.  So get into the groove and rub shoulders with locals at Gozsdu Udvar !


Csendes – Vintage bar & cafe

A twist in the series of ruin pubs in Budapest, Csendes is more of a cafe like bar with a relaxed atmosphere.  As the name suggests, Csendes means quiet, it is a great place to start an evening over few wines and snacks. The place stands out for it bizarre graffitis done by  art students. Visitors now keep adding on to the wall art collection. The place is quirky yet offers an intimate setting for a chit chat with friends. This bar has a bohemian feel and it is a perfect place for catching up. It holds different programmes daily including music, film or literature nights. Csendes is less touristy and less expensive compared to other ruin pubs. And if you are art inclined then this is where you should be heading!


Corvinteto- Bar with rooftop terrace

Located on the top floor of an old supermarket, Corvinteto is an unusual space for a ruin pub. The highlight of Corvinteto is its open roof top terrace, from where you can soak in the panorama of Buda Castle and buildings and roofs around Pest. It is a great place to hang out with a drink and popcorn, watching a movie on large screen during summer. As the evening progresses, the place is transformed into a club with hordes of local young crowd pouring in. The dance bar is known for  playing wide range of electronic music. If it is the music on your mind, Corvinteto is the place. Head to Corvinteto for a drink around sunset for a romantic evening, the rooftop terrace provides an incredible view of Budapest.


A38 – Bar on a boat

A38 is not an ordinary club, it is a club created on a barge, docked on the banks of Danube. It is located on Buda side of the city and is easily accessible by night trams and river boats from Pest. This coolest club in Budapest is known to hold live concerts of well known Hungarian as well as upcoming International artists on regular basis. A38 is a fun place to have drinks and party on late in the night. Besides the scheduled performances, there are impromptu gigs on Tuesday where you can spot musicians mixing different genre of music. Whether it’s indie rock, reggae, hip hop or house, A38 shells out all. It is packed with locals as well as tourist for its live music scene. The ferry ride to the barge adds on the charm of the evening!  


ZIzi – Tapas and Champagne bar

Zizi is a trendy upmarket bar situated next to Saint Stephen’s Basilica. The place caters to the elite of Budapest. ZIZI Bubbles & Tapas Bar features exquisite collection of wines and champagnes, and they do not come cheap. This stylish bar the first champagne themed bar in Budapest and the variety is fairly heavy on the pocket. It is a great place to begin your evening before heading out to another nightclub. The bar has an attached Tapas restaurant which offers perfect nibbles to go along with excellent wines. Do dress appropriately, this is not an ordinary bar where you can walk in for few drinks. If you are looking for finer entertainment during your trip, then join the wealthy business men and women for Champagne at Zizi. It will certainly make a night to remember!


Hello Baby- Classy nightclub

Located inside beautifully restored 19th century palace on Andrassy Avenue, Hello Baby is a fancy night club. The club has a huge dance floor in the center where you can groove to the beats of trance or house music. If you are looking for a different genre, there are smaller dance floors around playing R&B and soul as well. The lights are faded out as the evening progresses. Head there early to enjoy the kitsch palatial decor from its spacious courtyard. The place is less crowded and boasts powerful air conditioning, which helps in keeping the evening real cool. Unlike other bars, Hello Baby has a mixed crowd of young and young at heart! The VIP section is worth checking out if you plan to spend an entire evening in Hello Baby!


Innio Borbar – Wine bar

Innio is an exclusive wine bar located in the touristy heart of the city. If you want to taste Hungarian wines, than Innio is a perfect place in Budapest. The wine list at Innio is extensive with more than 250 varieties on offer. You can find some of the finest Hungarian as well as International wines on the list. Tokaji is one of the most famous brands of Hungarian wines famous for its sweet dessert wines. Enio is a restaurant attached to the bar which serves bistro cuisine, paired well with the wines. The place boasts of creating the award winning Lamb Ravioli. Each dish on the menu is accompanied with a glass of wine. It is not the cheapest place in Budapest but it certainly is chic. Trust the sommelier at Innio to satisfy your hunger for Hungarian wine!


Szechenyi – Magic bath house party

Let the summer come and legendary thermal bath houses are transformed into places for magic bath parties. This summer night spa party is popularly known as ‘Sparty’. During summer, almost on all saturdays, bathhouses across Budapest host these parties. Szechenyi bath house is no different with its multiple pools and hot tubs. Yes, you can drink by the poolside or inside the pool. Lukacs Baths is famous for its magic bath parties during winter. These frenzied pool parties attract clientele from all over the world. It is quite expensive in comparison to other party places but ‘Sparty’ is quite unique to Budapest. Europeans are notorious to fly into Budapest for sparties. So book your tickets in advance if you wish to be part of this crazy madness in water! 


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