Where to Stay in Mauritius


Mauritius is well known for its awesome accommodations.

You’ll find some of the best hotels in the world in Mauritius. But there are so many more really outstanding places, which you could choose for your stay.


Here are a few of the best places to stay when visiting Mauritius:

Paradise Cove: The Blue (Pool) View

How would you describe the photo above?


Finding a title for it was quite easy. All you see is fantastic blue colors and two pools (if you accept to call the sea as a kind of pool).

«Paradise Cove» is actually the name of the place, as this pool view is part of the Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel. When I arrived at its lobby, I’ve met my blogger buddy Caspar, who showed me a panorama photo on his mobile. I was amazed by it and asked where he took that photo. He took me 10 steps further and there it was… the view of that photo!

With every new corner this place provided a new ‘paradise’ and this infinity pool was one of them.

Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel is very popular for couples who just got married and it’s a perfect spot to enjoy your honeymoon. It’s a place to relax completely and to go through those very special moments you just had with your partner on your wedding. But it’s more than that. There are also enough activities to keep you active.

I’ve done some wakeboarding, stand-up paddle surfing and snorkeling. Other activities in the surrounding area, offered by other companies, are kite surfing, scuba diving, sky diving and flying in a micro light plane.

I’ve stayed at quite a few hotels during my week’s stay on Mauritius. All were fab, but this one was even a bit more my kind of place to stay. It wasn’t too big, offered some good space and activities and all on a high level of service and comfort… and this view and colors!

Loved it!


Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa

The Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa is another very good choice, if you are looking for a luxury stay in Mauritius.

You’ll find the hotel at the island’s West coast and just around one hour transfer from the airport.

There is a wonderful long beach, which invites for strolls, but it’s specifically inviting to watch the sun set down in the ocean. And the hotel is very nicely positioned, so that you can enjoy this from pretty much everywhere.

There are several pool areas. There is one really big pool, which is nicely embedded in the park-like area towards the beach. This pool is pretty much for everyone, incl. parents with their kids. Then you’ll find the Infinity pool at the South part of the hotel, which is just wonderful and this is where you want to relax in, when the sun sets. This pool is for adults only.

The Wellness area got its own little building and it’s just nice to start your holiday with a massage, after a long flight. The Wellness area got two stories, where you find the massage rooms at the top. At the bottom is also a little garden where you can enjoy a tea afterwards. I’ve also seen the option to have a massage at the beach. That’s of course also a very nice spot.

Behind the Wellness center you’ll find a tennis court. There is also a fitness room and many more fun active things you could do like, snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, sailing or kayaking.

I’ve decided to explore the town Flic en Flac by bike. The Hilton offers a guide who can do this tour with you. That way you get interesting information about the place and its background and the guide gets you to the little back alleys. This was fun, as I really like to see more of a destination than just its hotel and the pool. Next time I would plan in an extra 30 minutes, so that we can stop at a food shag to grab something local to eat.

I’ve also done some windsurfing. Here you just have to get in touch with the staff at the beach, who will provide you with the equipment. You might not be able to do this all the time, as the tide needs to be gone, so that you don’t scratch the corals when you fall into the water. And you should watch the wind conditions, so that the wind doesn’t push you too far away from the beach, if you should start with windsurfing. If that should happen, no worries. The staff will keep an eye on you and is ready to pull you back in with their boat.

This whole beach area got a dead coral reef just in front of it. There was no sand in the past in this whole area, also at the hotels near by, and it was decided to get sand from other parts of the island, so that it’s possible to swim here and to allow beautiful beach walks. It’s a bit sad that all the corals had to die as well, so that tourists can swim here. But if you want to see more of the corals, there are tours, which you can book.

Oh and if you want to swim, make sure to stick to the marked swimming area, as behind that you should wear water sandals, as there are quite a few sea urchins between the corals and you don’t want to step into those.

After all the activities, you’ll be hungry. No worries, as there are three restaurants, which make sure that you won’t starve. Actually they will make sure that you will be served some really good food. The main restaurant «La Pomme d’Amour» is where you dine at the buffet. I personally can’t handle the buffet form very well, as I have to try it all and my plate is full with little bites of the different food. So nothing fits to each other, but on the other side, I can inform you, it’s all good.  😉  The focus is on international food with a creole touch. And this is also where you will have your American breakfast.

One evening, if not more, should be reserverd for the «Ginger Thai» restaurant. The choice of food is obvious here. The chef is from Thailand, but lives in Mauritius for quite a few years already. She serves authentic Thai dishes, incl. recipes which she got from her grandma. Some meals are spicy, others not. I tried different ones and they were all soooo yummy. That restaurant was my personal favorite.

Another highlight is the «Aqua Bar» and here you should try to get a table on a Friday night, as that’s when they serve lobsters. Oh… that was delicious. And the restaurant is right next to the beach. So it’s a perfect spot for a romantic dinner at sunset, while you’ll try to eat your lobster without looking awkward in front of your partner.  😉  I also had lunch here and my choice was the «Magic bowl», which was a mix a pot of rice and then including different ingredients like prawns, chicken, seasonal vegetables, honey pork sausage, soya sauce and oyster sauce. Very delicious!

There are different room types to choose from. You have the Guest Rooms (Deluxe Family Room, King Deluxe Room, King Grand Deluxe and Twin Deluxe Room) and the Suites (Beachfront Family Suite, Beachfront Junior Suite, Deluxe Family Suite, King Family Suite and Presidential Suite). As you can see, they are all «Deluxe» and the difference is the size of each room. Some have Ocean or garden view. All of them are close to the pool and beach and offer the amenities, which you would expect to find in a 5 star hotel.

I was positively surprised with my stay. The staff was very friendly, professional and taking care of their guests. The Hilton Resort and Spa on Mauritius is definitely a good choice to stay for your holiday.


Clos du Littoral – Evaco

Have you ever wanted to stay in 5* villa with your private pool, but not pay €1,000 per night?

Then Clos du Littoral is your choice, as they came up with a smart concept, where they offer just this. There are around 100 spacious holiday villas on the property and more are getting built. Their trick is, that the location is around 15 minutes by car away from the beach, so that they don’t have this very expensive ground property. And still they offer a private beach! Sounds strange, but is possible.  🙂  

They also own the restaurant «La Plage», which is right on the beach and which you can visit for free, incl. free shuttle service three times a day. That way you can have your private villa for around €250-350 per night with 3 bed rooms, large living room, kitchen, private pool and garden and your crystal clear lagoon with a white sandy beach.

You also have your own parking spot in front of it. So it’s the perfect choice, if you got a rental car to explore the island and still enjoy a luxury accommodation and beach time.

The villa itself is spacious. There is a large living room with a large dining table. From there you can get to the garden and your own private pool. You can open the large windows, so that you pretty much combine the inside with the outside.

Each of the bedrooms got its own bathroom. So this makes this place also a good choice if you want to travel with friends and simply share the villa.

And if you don’t want to relax at the pool, then it’s only a short drive to the restaurant «La Plage«. Here you can stroll around the beach, use one of the sunbeds, have a good lunch or dine in the evening, tasting the Mauritian cuisine or a simple pizza or pasta.


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