Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots in Australia


The Land Down Under is a pretty pet-friendly place, you know. After all, what else would you expect from a country that takes meticulous care of its rich and diverse wildlife? A place where you would literally get off the road and around the wallabies frolicking in the afternoon sunshine so as not to disturb their peace!

So yes, whether you’re planning a city exploration tour or looking for amazing pet-friendly places in the expansive outback, Australia has got you covered. With that in mind, here are the top five vacation spots you can enjoy with your furry friend.


Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots in Australia

Callala Beach, Shoalhaven

Situated in Jarvis Bay at the southern fringe of NSW, Callala Beach is a picturesque coastal town riddled with pet-friendly beaches where your furry friend can enjoy the sights, alluring aromas, and activities of the outdoors. From playing fetch on the beach to helping you catch fish at a nearby fishing creek, your dog is bound to have an amazing time here. Just be sure to follow the rules and clean up after your pooch, paying close attention where you can and cannot let your dog run freely.


Uriarra Crossing, Murrumbidgee River

The Australian Capital Territory is home to numerous natural wonders and sightseeing hotspots you don’t want to miss, but if you truly want to experience a memorable day-trip with your canine companion, then the mesmerising Uriarra Crossing at Murrumbidgee River should be your next destination.

Located just a brisk car ride west of Canberra, the Murrumbidgee River hosts numerous breathtaking picnic spots where you and your family can enjoy the tranquil sounds of nature. The best part? Bring your pooch and enjoy a dip in the refreshingly cool water as well.


Ballina Beach Village, South Ballina

If you’re searching for a magical beachside setting that will serve as the perfect backdrop for a photo session with your pooch, then Ballina Beach south of Brisbane is the place you want to be. In fact, the area is not only ideal for a family exploration tour of the neighbouring regions, but the modern pet friendly accommodation allows you to bring your pooch with you on a lengthy vacation and enjoy the beautiful natural and beachside adventures together.

To the north, you can explore Byron Bay and its breathtaking beaches, as well as the entire Hinterland region. Don’t forget to explore the city of Ballina itself with your furry friend, and enjoy the numerous pet-friendly activities Ballina Beach has to offer.


Hepburn Regional Park, Daylesford

Not a two-hour car ride northwest of Melbourne, the pet-friendly Hepburn Regional Park awaits with its mineral spring villages, lush and enchanting greenery, and amazing camping spots. This is a great place to camp with your furry compadre, and even take on an exploration tour of the area.

Make sure you trek your way to the extinct volcanic crater to the north at Mt Franklin Reserve, and maybe even make camp there for the night. The area is completely pet-friendly, so you can allow your dog to run freely if it’s disciplined and knows never to wander off. If not, it’s best to keep your furry friend on a leash.


Amamoor State Forest and Forest Reserve, Sunshine Coast

The Amamoor Creek camping area located in the Amamoor State Forest is a great place to raise a tent or park your campervan and go on an exploration adventure in the surrounding wilderness with your pet. With numerous activities to choose from, you’re bound to have a blast.

Be sure to go on a hiking trail with your pooch, and discover the lush flora and fauna of the rainforest and its numerous waterholes, creeks, and waterfalls. Just because this is a natural setting doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean up after your dog though, so be considerate and adhere to the local rulebook.


Australia hosts countless vacation spots where families can enjoy their holiday with their furry friends. So forget about finding a dog sitter while you’re away and head over to these pet-friendly locations for a memorable adventure in the Aussie countryside.

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