The Weirdest Statues in the World


There are some amazing statues and sculptures around the world.   Statues like Christ the Redeemer and Statue of Liberty are world famous and for a good reason.  Then there are these strange and bizarre statues.  Here are the weirdest statues in the world.

Germany – Superman’s Miscalculation

weirdest statues

Singapore – Levitating Baby

weirdest statues

Switzerland – Baby Eater

weirdest statues in the world

Finland – Peeing Alien Dude

bizarre statues

Norway – I never wanted kids statue

strange statues


Spain – Santa has a present for you and it’s not candy cane

weird statues

London – Vomiting Rock Men

weirdest statues

Prague – Bend over and peek inside

weird statues

Washington – Half Girl, Half Fish with Boobs.

strange statues

Kiev – Peeing Rainbow Kids

bizarre statues

South Korea – Spiderman gets a little too excited to save somebody

weird statue

Germany – Lactating Women

bizarre sculptures

Chicago – Tango with a Tuna

weirdest statues

South Korea – Proctology career campaign

strange sculptures


Italy – ” I said no pickles”

weirdest statues in Italy

Prague – Sword Crossing contest

weird travel feed

Philippines – Child poop collector

weird statues

Netherlands – What is Santa holding?

strange statues

Iceland – Got milk campaign


Singapore – 8 legs are better than 2

weird statues

California – Trust me it’s safe with an umbrella

weirdest statues in the world

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