Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona – A Trip to the Mountains


The great thing about Barcelona is that you can do virtually anything. The Mediterranean Sea provides a lovely beach year round, the buzz of the city, the history of its buildings and; of course, the views from the Collserola Mountains. Especially, from its peak, Mount Tibidabo.

However, Tibidabo is known for so much more than its spectacular views. With its own theme park, hiking trail, church and amazing restaurants; Tibidabo is ideal for families, friends and couples!

Let us show you around this wonderful place in the clouds above Barcelona.


Things to do and see at Mount Tibidabo:

The Tibidabo Amusement Park

As one of the oldest theme parks in the world, Tibidabo should be on the list for anyone visiting Barcelona who loves the adrenaline of a rollercoaster! The majority of the rides here do date back to its opening, around 1900, making this spot popular with fans of history too. We suggest going to the Sky Walk area and taking a ride on the little red plane as you zip through the clouds, while taking in the breathtaking views of Barcelona from above, or opt for some candy-floss on the traditional Tibidabo Ferris wheel! You can even visit the site where part of Woody Allen’s hit film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ was shot- the list is endless!

How to get there:

By train: L7 from Plaça Catalunya to Avenguda Tibidabo. Please take note; this is a Renfe (FGC) operated train. From there, catch the Tramvia Blau, all the way to the last stop, Plaça del Doctor Andreu. At this point, you are halfway up the mountain, and to get to the Amusement Park, you have to take the uphill Funicular.

By bus: Catch the T2 Tibibus from Plaça Catalunya.


Hiking around Tibidabo

Wanting to get some fresh air and stretch your legs in the outdoors of Barcelona? Then a Tibidabo walking trip is definitely for you! The Collserola Mountain range is ideal for a green escape and there are a number of walking and hiking tours available to get you going, which allow you to learn about the history and geography of the area all whilst exercising. We suggest the 4.2km hiking trail from the Museu de la Ciència to the peak of Tibidabo, offering spectacular views along the way! If you really want to challenge yourself, you can walk up from the base of the mountain, near the city centre, all the way to the top. 


Sagrat Cor Tibidabo Church

On a clear Barcelona night, you will be sure to spot the glowing Tibidabo church from all over the city; its imposing image is visible on any clear and sunny day too. Situated at the top of the mountain, some 500 metres above sea level, the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (Church of the Sacred Heart) took over 60 years to build and is one of the most revered neo-gothic structures in Barcelona. It is uniquely identified with its own Christ the Redeemer sculpture that rings memories to that of Rio de Janiero! Accessing the Church is a simple task, by catching the Tramvia Blau and the Funicular railway to the summit of Tibidabo. The journey itself is a way for you to connect with history, as both the tram and train were built in 1901!


CosmoCaixa Museum of Tibidabo

If you are visiting Barcelona with kids who are into science then you simply must take them to the CosmoCaixa Museu de la Ciència (Science Museum). This is where they can be inspired by fantastic exhibits and activities, as well as their Planetarium, this museum is ideal for those who like to learn practically. It is located near the base of the mountain, just before Avinguda del Tibidabo. For more info on the CosmoCaixa Museum and a list of exhibits, visit the Barcelona Turisme website.

How to get there:

By train: Take the L7 (FGC) from Plaça Catalunya to Avenguda Tibidabo, and then switch to the 196 Bus.


Dining and Nightlife

A day spent exploring Tibidabo can work up an appetite. Luckily, there is plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from when the time comes to eat. El Mirador de la Venta boasts great food and some spectacular views overlooking the city, out to sea. Alternatively, head to the Fabra Observatory, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner on a secluded terrace, a tour of the golden-domed observatory and the chance to star-gaze through one of Europe’s oldest telescopes! If bars and clubs are more up your street, then you can head over to Plaça del Doctor Andreu, where you will find the exclusive Mirablau and Mirabé bars and clubs. Whichever option you choose, you can see out a magical day in the mountains in great company.

How to get to the Fabra Observatory:

By train: From Plaça Catalunya, take the FGC Line S1 or S2 to Peu de la Funicular. Switch to the Funicular railway from Vallvidrera Inferior to Vallvidrera Superior, and then catch the 111 Bus.

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