Great Hiking Spots in Mauritius


The mention of Mauritius gets most people to envision white sandy beaches holding back deep azure waters against clear skies matching the color of the ocean.

Resorts are aplenty serving delicious Mauritian cuisine. But did you know that the island nation, which is a part of Africa is also blessed with lush jungles that are home to cascading waterfalls and beautiful land and aerial critters?

Let’s take a minute to thank the volcanic eruption that occurred millions of years ago to create the island.

While water-sport enthusiasts have plenty to revel in, hiking opportunities come as a cherry on the top of the cake. Its a total win-win!

Whether you’re looking to book a honeymoon package to Mauritius or travel solo, here’s presenting the most ideal places to go hiking in Mauritius.


Ideal Places to Go Hiking in Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park

Expanding over 68 sq. km of land, the Black River Gorges National Park treats hikers with trails that stimulate even the weakest of sight senses. You can ascend the lush carpeted slopes of the Black River Peak and feast your eyes on astounding vistas of the lagoon down below or take the trail that leads to the enchanting Alexandra Falls or discover the marshy lands abundant with various plant species by taking the pathway close to the Petrin Centre. Too tired to walk? Hire mountain bikes and explore the wilderness here. No matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed to spot some awesome wildlife including the Mauritian flying-fox, macaque Monkeys, and the green echo Parakeet. Note that there is an entry fee of Rs. 100 per person.


Le Pouce Mountains

Standing tall between the Signs Mountain and the Peter Both Mountain the Pouce Mountain, is the nation’s 3rd tallest peak, situated in the north-western part of Mauritius. Here’s a fun fact: Le Pouce is a French word that literally translates to “the thumb”, thanks to the thumb-shaped pinnacle. Treks normally commence from Port Louis or St.Pierre. Once you reach the top, you’ll be treated with a panoramic view of the lush north, sugar-cane fields, and a few tiny islands in the distance. Although this is one of the easiest climbs in the country, make sure that you hire a tour guide for the best experience.


Lion Mountain

Lying in the Bombous Mountian belt, the Lion mountain offers a loop trail that takes about three hours to complete. While the seascapes at the mid-level offers verdant views of the surrounding valleys, you’ll be bestowed with staggering views of deep blue lagoons at the summit that just cannot be paralleled. The mountain is abundant in indigenous vegetation but here’s the big caveat – the terrain is pretty rugged so its advisable to book a tour guide to help you cross the rough patches.


Some Useful Information:

Best Time to go Hiking: It’s best to visit during the winter months i.e. between May to December.

Hiking Essentials: Flexible water-bottle, a hat, sunscreen lotion, a backpack, hiking boots, and a good camera (optional).

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