Great Alternative Bars in Raval, Barcelona


This blog looks to introduce you to alternative bars in the neighbourhood of El Raval that the average tourist would never see.

The aim being that you can mix with locals in environments that welcome people from all walks of life. These reccommendations are for open-minded people that are searching for unique experiences when they walk into a bar, here in Barcelona.


Here are 5 great alternative bars in Raval, Barcelona


33/45 is one of the most intruiging bars you can see in Barcelona, situated on Carrer de Joaquín Costa, this neon lit bar is full of quirky furniture and offers visitors a chance to have a new bar experience. Offering reasonably priced drinks, the bar offers itself to expressive people that do not take themselves too seriously.

Opening every evening until around 2 am (except for midnight on Sundays), 33/45 is an ideal option to anyone wanting to keep the party going around El Raval. This sociable and relaxed environment is encaptured with the unique decoration it has to offer. 

Getting there:

This bar is located at Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 4.

Metro: Liceau (L3), an 8 minute walk / San Antoni (L2) a 5 minute walk


Madame Jasmine

Madame Jasmine follows as another alternative bar on offer in El Raval. It is seen as a busy and lively bar that is known for its friendly staff, unusual decoration and for being LGBTQ+ friendly. If you go here with an open-mind you will definitely leave with many great experiences to make your time in Barcelona one to remember! 

Opening from 6:30pm until 3:00am you will be able to visit at a time that suits you best. Places like this show why the locals of Barcelona and El Raval love to party!

Getting there:

This bar is located at Rambla del Raval, 22.

Metro: Para-lel (L2 and L3), a 7 minute walk / Drassens (L3), also a 7 minute walk



Nevermind is located slightly North of El Raval and is also known for its decoration, as well as its skater-image. Offering itself to skateboard and Street-wear fans alike in a way that stands out from normal bars or pubs in the city. Being located in a close proximity to Plaza Catalunya makes it extremely accessible, which is good to know considering it is open until 2:30 everyday and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Like to two bars mentioned beforehand, customer experiences speak highly of the staff and the drinks prices alike.

Being situated 5 minutes walking from the Universitat de Barcelona means it attracts many students and young people looking to enjoy themselves on an evening.

Getting there:

This bar is located at Carrer dels Tallers, 68.

Metro: Universitat (L1 and L2), a 3 minute walk / Plaça de Catalunya (L1, L3, L6 and L7), a 7 minute walk


Big Bang Bar

The Big Bang Bar is found on Carrer d’En Botella, El Raval. At first glance, this small bar seems to go under the radar and does not immediately jump out to the usual pedestrian. However, you´re not just a usual pedestrian, you are becoming trained in finding these kind of gems in El Raval.

Once you enter the Big Bang, the black and white tiles on the floor combined with the wooden bar take you back in time and gain your full attention. With live music the norm here, this bar converts itself into a very intimate gig that you can enjoy with your partner, friends or family. The dark lighting is pierced with bright lights that really set the ambience as the evening draws in.

An ideal location for a drink at night as it is open from around 9pm until around 2:30 am most evenings, being closed Mondays and Tuesdays. We would urge anyone who enjoys live music with great drinks to visit here.

Getting there:

This bar is located at Carrer d’En Botella, 7.

Metro: Liceu (L3), a 9 minute walk / San Antoni (L2), a 5 minute walk


Centric Bar

Lastly, the Centric Bar is the most traditional option of the 5 bars, offering cheap tapas and a very wide range of drinks for you to enjoy in a very sleek and rustic setting. Opening from 8 am (9am Fridays and Saturdays) and closing between 1-2am everyday, this choice enables you to enjoy breakfasts and lunches, as well as tapas and evening meals. 

It is worth noting that the compact design of the bar means that it gets busy quickly here, especially around midday as the lunchtime rush ensues. Despite that, this bar is also reasonably priced and well-staffed to ensure you have a great time.

Getting there:

This bar is located on Carrer de les Ramelleres, 27.

Metro: Universitat (L1 and L2), a 4 minute walk / Plaça de Catalunya (L1, L3, L6 and L7), a 5 minute walk


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