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Location, information and history of Poble Espanyol in Barcelona

Located by the Montjuic Fountains you can discover Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town). Which consists of 117 buildings to represent every part of Spain. It was an idea that was put forward by Catalan architect, Puig Cadafalch, who thought of it when proposing sights to have in Barcelona in time for the Global Exposition of 1929. This was a chance for Barcelona to put itself on the map to the rest of the world to visit, learn about and share experiences about. This was the second exposition in the city, the first being in 1888. Cadafalch then hired four architects to go on some 600,000 sites to encapsulate the feel of a Spanish town.

From this, the architects made the same scale buildings or artefacts that they would erect in the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. In the process, ensuring that all regions are represented- La Rioja was not an autonomous community at the time and is therefore missing, and the Canary Islands were too expensive for the architects to visit and were even left out of Poble Espanyol!


Street inspirations within Poble Espanyol 

A city or town within the region that the architects visited inspires each building. They truly do capture the feel of a traditional town but with the twist of design, that gives scope to local style and materials. Thanks to the attention to detail, it is safe to say that Poble Espanyol represents a whole nation in a way that embraces differences, rather than using them to separate the country.


The following shows the different inspirations you can see in each building:

Building replica / City / Town Region

  • Calle Cuna / Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz Province / Andalusia
  • Torre de Utebo / Utebo, Zaragoza Province / Aragon
  • Cangues d’Onís / Cangas de Onís / Asturias
  • Casa Son Berga / Palma, Majorca / Balearic Islands
  • Caserío Casa Arteche / Erandio, Biscay / Basque Country
  • Casa Barreda / Santillana del Mar / Cantabria
  • El Mirador / Sigüenza / Castilla-La Mancha
  • Puerta de San Vicente / Ávila / Castilla y León
  • Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo / Cáceres / Extremadura
  • Paço de los Fefinhas / Cambados / Galicia
  • Navalcarnero / Navalcarnero / Madrid
  • Casa de los Celdrán / Murcia  / Murcia
  • Las Arcadas / Sangüesa / Navarre
  • La Jana / Castellón de la Plana / Valencian Community
  • Monestir Romànic de Sant Miquel / Various spots / Catalonia


Museum Fran Daurel

The Museum Fran Daurel can be found in the Poble Espanyol Barcelona and is home to hundreds of art pieces that the public can visit. The art inside is made by Spanish artists only and gives visitors a chance to see some unique pieces from world famous people, such as Dalí and Picasso, among many others. Here is ideal for any art fan who is looking to see some amazing works whilst visiting the Poble Espanyol. Specifically, you can expect to see paintings, tapestries and even a sculpture garden that is home to some works by Picasso that he completed during the 50s.


Discover Poble Espanyol: Theatre

The Tablao de Carmen is situated in the Andalucia part of Poble Espanyol offers you an intimate and traditional Flamenco show that will give you memories for a life time. Here, they also have a patio space that is perfect for you and friends to have some tapas before or after the show. It is tactially located in Andalucia´s area as it is traditional to that region and the majority of performers represent this part of Spain in a spectacular show of passion, skill and tradition.


Current events in Poble Espanyol Barcelona

There are always events going on in the Poble Espanyol, as a cultural hub; it is always ontop of what to offer people in Barcelona looking to have a good time enjoying some festivities.

Discover Poble Espanyol what is on offer to you; from Popup stalls to concerts, they always have a great party on for the end of the year, 31st January!

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