Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Traveling should be fun. However, there are times that we make mistakes that make our trip disappointing. This is why careful planning and research is a must in order for you to have a hassle-free traveling experience.

Here are some of the common travel mistakes and how you can avoid them


Surely, you love to have the perfect OOTD (outfit of the day) for your trip. However, bringing all the outfits will lead you in dealing with high baggage fees. Paying extra baggage will not only cost you bucks but will give you a hassle in the airport, too. As you plan for your itinerary, plan for your outfits as well. Make sure to only bring the necessary clothes. Pick clothes that are versatile. Clothes that you can pair with any other clothes that you bring.


Having an ambitious itinerary

Of course when we travel, we want to go to all the possible places. But this sometimes compromises time and budget. It is okay to cut your trip or change plans because of weather, time, or budget. Remember, it’s okay not to see the whole country on your first visit.


Not booking a hotel in advance

It is recommended to book accommodation in advance, especially if you travel in a peak season. To save money, subscribe to different hotel’s newsletters so you will be notified with their upcoming sale or promo. Furthermore, you can download a booking app like Airbnb or to have an easy and quick booking experience.


Not buying a travel insurance

A good travel insurance can cover you from unfortunate events, such as lost baggage, missed or canceled flights, and accidents among others. As you plan for your travel, consider purchasing a good travel insurance package that provides financial assistance while you’re out of town. You can read more about travel insurance here. Comparing different travel policies before buying helps you see a wide variety of options that fits your needs and budget. We recommend WorldNomads for a good travel insurance option – sign up here.


Forgetting the budget

When creating your itinerary, you must set a budget for the whole trip, too. Planning for your budget allows you to have an organized trip. This helps you prioritize activities and places that suit your budget. It also saves you time in picking the right accommodation within your budget. Lastly, having financial planning of your travel keeps you from overspending.


Not informing your credit card company about your travel plans

Banks and credit card companies may freeze your account in case there are fraudulent or unauthorized transactions made in your account. So, it is necessary to inform your card provider in case you will travel abroad. Also, ask if there are any foreign transaction fees. This way, you’ll not be surprised by the fees that you need to deal with.


Not making copies of important documents

Ensure to have a hard copy of the necessary documents, such as ID, passport, visa, itinerary, and booking accommodation among others. These documents are often needed in immigration. To have a backup, save a digital copy of these documents, too. You can save these in email or cloud storage. Make sure that you can easily access it if you needed to.

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