Best Places to See the Remains of the Berlin Wall


After nearly three decades since the Berlin Wall came down as unexpectedly as it went up, there is surprisingly very little that remains in physical of the Wall today. 

You can visit all of these spots yourself, or you can join a tour (sometimes recommended as you’ll learn so much more about the history).

For those wishing to see the Berlin Wall, here are the top 3 places to go:

1. Topography of Terror Museum

This museum was created where the headquarters of the Gestapo were once located. The strip of the Wall that runs along this street was never demolished and some of the largest remaining sections of it are still visible here.

Address: Niederkirchnerstraße 8?10963 Berlin


2. Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Center

This memorial center offers videos in English and Dutch, and a viewing platform to give a unique perspective of the Berlin Wall from above. A 70m segment of wall has been preserved to show the double fortifications and the aptly named ‘death strip’ in between, where guards shot at anyone attempting to cross.

Address: Bernauer Straße 119?13355 Berlin


3. East Side Gallery

A 1.3 km section of the Wall and a Memorial to Freedom, the East Side Gallery is a collection of 105 paintings that form the largest open-air gallery in the world. It is a documentation of Germany’s turbulent history, a message of hope and peace, and a remembrance of the 136 people who died trying to cross the border.

Address: Mühlenstrasse 45-80, Berlin



There are a few interesting ways to tour around Berlin to learn about the city’s history and get an insight into the current day to day life of Berliners.

Take your pick on how you want to get around:


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