10 Things to Remember when Traveling in Italy


Things one should always keep in mind before going to Italy: transportation, food, sights…

1. If you are planning to rent a car in Italy, you can expect the cost to be upwards $100/day for a car rental, which is not ideal in any case.

2. Hotels in Italy often charge per person instead of other countries like USA, India where the tariff is taken per room

3. Real italy is actually residing in countryside villages. Italy is not only about Florence, Venice and Rome.

4. And besides pastas and pizzas there is lot more Italian food waiting for you. Italians love gorging on Prosciutto (Ham), chicken and beef. And not to forget if you are in a coastal area don’t settle for less than a mouth watering seafood platter.

5. Italy is very cash-centric. So, do carry ample cash with you before going for a stroll.

6. Do some good research before going to a city, and find out the specialities of that region. For example if you are going to Rome, then you can’t miss pasta with bacon and egg and if you are in Venice then you can’t afford missing any fried fish delicacy.

7. Don’t forget to gorge on Affogato, It is prepared by pouring hot espresso over a chilled vanilla ice cream scoop. *Bliss in my mouth*

8. In Italian cafes if you see a sign «fare lo scontrino«, then head to the cashier first as you will be getting your order only after paying for it.

9. If you are in Rome, then you should drink water from the public fountains as the water is not only safe but very tasty also. Though, at the first sight it might seem a bit awkward doing this, but, it is worth a try.

10. While going in churches or holy places your arms must be covered and in the major churches wearing shorts or short skirts is also restricted.


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